Being Trustworthy Video Series

Helping Clients Develop Trusted Business Relationships

3-booksThe Being Trustworthy Video Series provides concentrated content about how to improve your trustworthiness. This is rich content, culled from Charles H. Green’s three books and 15 years of experience helping clients develop trusted business relationships.

This 15-module video series was originally designed for firms looking to reinforce classroom training. We are now also making it available to individuals seeking self-guided instruction.

Each video module is 3-4 minutes in length, and touches on a different component of trustworthiness. In addition to all four components of the Trust Equation, the modules address risk, influence, and listening, culminating in a series of practical tips.

This series will help you to:

  • become more believable
  • be relied upon
  • get a seat at the table
  • deal with difficult conversations
  • earn the right to offer advice
  • get your advice taken
  • initiate trust
  • raise delicate issues in a business-acceptable manner

You can probably add more items to this list of the benefits you would accrue of being more trustworthy through this video series.

Following is the full list of 15 video modules.

Module 1 — Being Trustworthy and Trust: Overview
Module 2 — Improving Your Credibility
Module 3 — Increasing Credibility by Getting Over Your Fear
Module 4 — Risk and Type 1 and Type 2 Errors
Module 5 — Reliability: Making Your Actions Match Your Words
Module 6 — Reliability and Recovering from Slips
Module 7 — Reliability and Keeping Others in the Loop
Module 8 — Improving Reliability by Aligning Expectations
Module 9 — Deconstructing Intimacy
Module 10 — Intimacy and Emotional Risk-taking
Module 11 — The Dynamics of Influence
Module 12 — Rapid Trust Creation
Module 13 — Self-Orientation: Getting it Right
Module 14 — Deep Listening and Thinking Out Loud
Module 15 — Fifteen Tips for Increasing Trust

Want a taste of this program for free? Click here to watch Module 1 – Being Trustworthy and Trust: Overview and get access to its worksheet.

This self-guided instruction is now available to the public. You can learn to be trustworthy and enjoy these benefits for just $99. Simply click the Add to Cart button below, make payment, and you’ll get access to all the videos at once through our private membership site.

A personal note from the creator of this program, Charles H. Green:

I’m really proud of this video package. It’s jam-packed with seriously good content about trusted relationships that we’ve worked on for over a decade to develop. Whether you’re receiving it as part of a post-workshop program, or buying it directly for yourself, I’m confident it will trigger more great practical ideas per minute than any other collection of trust material you can find. In fact, I guarantee it. If for any reason you are unsatisfied at any time, just email me  and I will refund your money.
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Best wishes,

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Charles H. Green, founder and CEO, Trusted Advisor Associates

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